After the sudden increase in prices in the first two months of 2021, the packaging paper market in Southeast Asia has gradually stabilized since the middle of March 2021.

The manufacturers and participants in the Southeast Asian packaging paper market all commented that the main cause of the price increase was due to two main factors: the sudden increase in recovered paper cost (RCP), and the large purchasing power. from china. Due to the impact of transportation costs and supply shortage, in the first 3 months of 2021, the price of RCP in Southeast Asia has set a record. However, since the middle of March 2021, the demand of China has gradually stabilized, tended to decrease, causing the growth to slow down.

Kraft-top liner paper still maintains 540-730 USD / ton, testliner at 500-600 USD / ton, recycled corrugated paper at 450-600 USD / ton. Compared to the price in December 2020, these types of paper have increased by an average of 50 to 130 USD / ton. On the contrary, the price of cardboard is recorded sharply increased with the lowest price increased by 50 USD / ton. The price of coated gray-nosed duplex cover is 500-680 USD / ton and coated white duplex cover is 600-790 USD / ton.

Meanwhile, although the demand is not high, due to the impact of high freight and pulp prices, the prices of printing and writing paper in Southeast Asia also increased in the first quarter of 2021. 01/2021, the price of uncoated printing and writing paper (UFP) starts at 620-740 USD / ton, increases from 600-700 USD / ton in Q4 / 2020), by February the price increases to 650-830 USD / ton, and continued to reach 750-880 USD / ton in the end of 3/2021.

In January 2021, the price of coated printing and writing paper (CFP) increased to 570-740 USD / ton, increased to 600-770 USD / ton in February 2021, and then continued to increase by 100 USD. / ton, to $ 700-870 / ton in March / 2021. /.

According to VPPA

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